Basic information

  • The Royal School of Church Music provides a very useful site, particularly but not exclusively for Anglican churches, with courses, an excellent training scheme called Voice for Life and a lot of sheet music
  • For general choral music, but also a specific church music section, don't forget Choral Net.
  • The Anglican church music site - a very rich source of information and links to UK church and cathedral choirs.
  • British choirs on the net. Just what it says! Some overlaps with the above, but both worth a look.
  • Then there's the Anglican church music Web ring, with links to over 70 sites.
  • An essential if you are going to make copies of hymn texts in booklets or overheads is membership of Christian Copyright Licensing International - it's not hugely expensive, but it keeps you legal. There are worldwide subsites, most popularly US and UK.
  • And for a little light relief, check out the article Who was Caleb Simper? on the lost Victorian bestseller.
  • A general UK church site which has a directory including music resources is Church Net
  • On the more general theme of a cappella singing, take a look at this page, recommended by Zoe.

Church music to listen to/practice with, including assistance for music directors and reluctant organists

  • If you need to practise hymns or carols (we also have a few anthems), but have no one to accompany you, take a look at our organ accompaniment CDs
  • A great resource is Hear the Choirs Sing, which has links to a huge range of audio clips from choral pieces. Not always the best performances, and often it is just an extract, but even so it's an excellent way to get the feel of a piece.
  • If you are looking for a half-remembered hymn, the wonderful is a good starting point.
  • The Silvis Woodshed. A huge collection of MIDI files of choral pieces to help learn parts.
  • A smaller online hymnal, but with a good set of information/MIDI files etc. is Digital Hymnal
  • If you want MIDI versions of hymn tunes that very from the funky to the bizarre, try the Family Friendly Churches' Trust site
  • For vocal exercises, warm-ups and tips there is a useful resource site (if a trifle pushy) at Score Big - a range of good warmup suggestions are also provided at this Singing Resources in Theater page.
  • If you’re in the UK and are a reluctant church pianist or organist, a company called YourSpace offers ‘Hymn Angels’ lessons over Skype, specifically to help with church music accompanying.

Choirs to join

  • See the British Choirs on the Net site which has listings of over a thousand choirs (not all church choirs) both alphabetically and by location.
  • For choirs in the Newbury (UK) area, see the Cope Music website, which also has information on instrumental and vocal tuition.
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