What Can You Do with a Masters in Creative Writing?

When you are first deciding what career path to take in life, it will feel as though your whole life is before you – and in a sense, it is. This is what will launch your adult working life, and hopefully you will choose a career that is both challenging and rewarding in all senses of the word. One option that may currently be on your radar is to pursue your Masters in creative writing. This may sound intriguing on the surface, but as you very well know, making sure you can actually take that Masters and turn it into a career is an entirely different beast.

So, if you’re unsure as to whether or not a Masters in creative writing is right for you, here’s a look at some of the careers it can help you foray into.


One of the most useful ways to put that creative writing degree to use is by becoming an editor. This is the perfect job for people who have an eye for detail, can stick to strict guidelines and instructions, and have excellent communication skills.

As an editor, you may be responsible for a whole department or oversee an entire publication. What this means is that you’ll need to work well with staff writers, junior writers, and freelance writers. It may be up to you to assign stories/content to the staff, and then obviously edit their work. This is where communication skills - speaking, listening, and writing - will all be necessary.

Technical Writer

Again, this is a position that is ideal for those with an eye for detail. As a technical writer, you will specialise in one topic or industry, which means you need to become an expert of sorts in that industry. As a technical writer, the language you use will obviously be technical, which may require extra training or perhaps a certification that shows you understand the terminology, process, systems, and so forth.

Because this is such a highly specialised field that not everyone pursues, you can expect a higher salary than that of a typical content writer.


For those who have a passion for journalism and covering world events, that masters in creative writing can also help you to get started as a professional journalist. There are many different paths to choose from in the field, which are radio, newspaper, magazine, television broadcast news, online news sources, or even your own podcasts.

This position also allows you to decide whether you want to work for someone else or become a freelancer with full control over your future in terms of who you work for, how much work you take on, what kind of stories you cover, if you will travel to cover news stories, and just how busy you want to be.

Online Content Writer

If you’re looking to be part of the digital world, which is still enjoying huge portions of growth and expansion, then an online content writer could be a great option. You’ll have the option to work for a company or go into business for yourself. This can also be a great freelance career to be used as supplemental income.

University or College Professor

Perhaps you enjoyed the school experience so much that you want to stick with it, be part of it, and really give back. If that's the case, you could always teach English at a college or university level. Keep in mind that this may require additional schooling, so it's something you'd want to look at early.

Make Sure You’re Picking the Ideal School to Pursue Your Degree At

The final tip is to make sure you also put thought into which school you earn your Masters from. It may seem like all schools will offer the same experience, but that’s not actually true. Some schools have a clear-cut specialty and may offer a more immersive and educational experience that provides you with the tools you’ll need to succeed in your chosen career.
So, as you ask yourself “why do a Master’s degree”, make sure you’re also asking yourself where to do your master’s degree. All of these questions can be answered on University Compare, which does a great job at examining what a Master’s degree is, how long it takes, how much it will cost, and more. You can then use the site to compare universities that offer the same program, allowing you to pick the ideal one for your needs and expectations.

A Long List of Great Options

Believe it or not, this is just a small look at what is a long list of options that are before you once you get your Masters in creative writing. That Masters is able to open up a number of different paths that you can choose based on your own interests, expectations, and strengths.

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