Sometimes you need to become immersed in a subject. Our full day sessions are aimed at those who will benefit most from the expertise, or who will act as ambassadors to spread the word. Most run with 10 to 20 people – that’s still as little as £100 each for a day’s training.

Full day sessions cost £2,000 per day or are available for small groups at our individual rate of £295/head (minimum 3 attendees). Like all our sessions, pricing assumes you will provide the facilities and excludes VAT, books and travel expenses. To keep costs down you could omit giving a book to attendees, but we strongly recommend it as a very effective way to sustain the message back into the workplace.

Creativity Day

One of the most popular sessions, the creativity day is long enough to allow the participants to get a good immersion in creativity techniques. There are two main variants of the creativity day. Each is very interactive and participative, but variant A gives attendees the widest toolkit of techniques to go away ready to use, including several quick exercises helpful for improving team working, while variant B gives the participants a whole group afternoon to attack a single problem using a more detailed approach.

In variant A, the first half of the day combines an interactive learning exercise - an expanded form of the taster that gives more information on creativity – with an opportunity to take a single problem through the four stage creative process in small groups. The second half of the day builds a toolkit of techniques to go away and use, finishing with a personal agenda, pulling together the techniques as they are most likely to be used. Variant B goes into even more detail in the morning, with a few sample techniques to gain experience. In the afternoon, variant B addresses one or more real problems provided by the client, using a full framework of techniques, taking the participants in small groups through each of the stages of Imagination Engineering.

In both cases, participants will be able to take what they have learned and apply it to future problems and idea generation requirements. [Maximum of 20 people]

Click to download a detailed session information sheet.

Other day workshops

We have a range of topics available:

  • Creativity in Depth - a 2 day course combining creativity techniques and skills in facilitating creativity in others
  • I’m not Creative - most people believe they aren’t creative. This one day course gets them contributing to their full capacity
  • The Full Agenda - For managers and executives, this day concentrates on the systems and culture required to support creativity
  • Capturing Customers Hearts - Transform your customer service by taking a more creative approach to your customers.

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