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Books and ebooks
The most cost effective way to give your staff the tools to solve problems and generate new ideas, books and ebooks can provide an instant hit to enhance creative capabilities.

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  • Mind Storm - detailed 25 module ebook creativity course
  • Instant Creativity - in paper or ebook form, a toolkit for creativity
  • Instant Brainstorming - free ebook to transform this most basic of creativity techniques
  • Imagination Engineering - A detailed paper book to get into detailed creativity enhancement
  • Creativity and Innovation for Managers - the essential guide for management wishing to make their staff more creative

For other books, see the Brian Clegg site.

Self-run courses

Haven’t got the budget for a training course? We now have one our most popular bite-sized courses, the Creativity Kickstart on DVD. Without an introduction, using creativity techniques can seem strange and unnatural. This 1 hour DVD is the perfect introduction to familiarise yourself with business creativity, to be able to make practical use of creativity techniques. Explore: click here to read more.

Alternatively, we can provide a PowerPoint for our popular
Creativity Kickstart course along with a full trainer’s guide. Explore: click here to read more.

In-house training from seasoned experts in business creativity.

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